Non-compliance with legal factors, inadequate working conditions, too much time in front of the monitor and constant discomfort at workplace are most common causes of sick leave. Surveys show that the number of sick leave is 146 million days a year in the EU. If managers want to effectively influence the health of their employees, employers need to focus more on health maintenance, in particular for employees who spend most of their working hours in front of monitors. Healthcare programs can even dramatically reduce the number of days spent on sick leave.

The healthcare software offered by Smart eyesaver for companies is a community-building solution which also the family of the employees can benefit from. The software does not require IT skills, it is user-friendly and can be measured for both employees and managers. Its operation is based on the organism but is also suitable for rewarding and other incentive elements.

Chronic distress, i.e. harmful stress, affects 22% of European workers: it is responsible for 50-60% absences due to mental illness.

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Job retention

Job retention is the most important job of HR today and in the coming years. Long-term employee retention reduces significantly company costs as a company may lose more percent of its annual revenue if it does not pay due attention to the changing habits and needs of employees.

Therefore, HR considered employee retention as the most important task of the year last year and it does not changed this year

Statements show that reducing fluctuation basically improves the cost-effective operation of a company. Training new employees is a process that requires time and money from the company. It may take from a few months to a year until someone can independently perform tasks as a full-fledged employee. In addition, recruitment process, advertisement, selection, interviewing and agreement for a job may take several months.
These place significant burden on the company’s budget and reduce the performance of companies with labour shortage.

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