Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Software developed?

The eyes are our most important sensory organs. In terms of quality of life, it is important for our eyes to be healthy. Nowadays we measure our sport, sleep, pulse and our performance in order to continue living a healthy lifestyle. A few centuries ago, a 40-50 year old man was considered as an old man, but people can expect 80-100 years today. However, it does matter whether we spend these years healthy or ill. When working in front of the monitor, the normal blink of 12-18 per minute is reduced to 1-3 blinks. This causes our eyes to dry out and they are not protected by the tear layer that is produced when we blink. Dry Eye Syndrome occurs. We use the integrated or installed camera to measure the number and length of blinking and, on this basis, we make recommendations and give warnings to the user. We also measure the distance from the screen and for example the routine of drinking water.

Why was it made now? Why was this not a problem in the past?

It used to be a problem in the past but few people worked on a computer 20 years ago. Today, there are many people who work in front of the screens. In addition, they start it at a younger age and watch the screen 8-10-12 hours a day. As a result, the demand for ophthalmology has dramatically increased; everyone is looking for a solution to their problem. This is a huge burden on professionals who could not recommend a permanent solution (so far); they can only relieve the symptoms.


What does Smart eyesaver exactly do?

Measures and helps us to use our body more wisely and healthy. We measure the following:

- number, rhythm and length of blinking,

- eye distance to the screen,

- mouse movement,,

- keyboard usage,

- routine of water drinking,

- the development of 50-minute work in front of the screen – 10-minute other work.

- length and intensity of breaks.

We make a lot of calculations on these. We call them smart measurements because after the calculations, we send recommendations and warnings in order to support healthier work.


I use artificial tears. Why is it not good?

It is good. You can use it. Where and as many times as you need it. However, artificial tears and similar products are like medication. They do not solve the problem at the root but relieve the symptoms. Moreover, you drip chemical in your eyes. It would be better to use your body wisely and to prevent the problem.


What can I use the Smart eyesaver system for?

Those who often work in front of the monitor for several hours a day often have eye pain and headache at the end of the day. This is not because the monitors are bad but because we use our eyes, head and body incorrectly. The software aims to eliminate this incorrect use and thus to prevent the development of complaints.


How does the Smart eyesaver system help me?

It makes your work in front of the screen health-conscious.


What are the effects of using the Smart eyesaver system?

Most importantly, you will know what is happening to you. Nowadays we know how much and how deep we sleep, how much is our pulse during sports or how many steps we have taken. With Smart eyesaver, you will know how many times you blink and what you should do to optimize it.
You will know whether you look at the monitor from the healthiest distance. Also, how much you drink and whether you move enough while doing sedentary job.


What should I feel while using the system?

It changes individually. Based on the feedback, these are the most common ones:

- fatigue comes later, we make fewer mistakes and have a better well-being at the end of the day. Less eye pain and headache.

- less tired “red” eyes.

Will I be recorded on the camera?

No. The camera is used to measure the distance and the blinking. The image will be removed and not stored. Measurement results are classified into good and not good result types in the Smart eyesaver customer system installed on the computer. From this, we individually send recommendations for healthier use directly when used. We provide statistics on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. Thus we can monitor our progress.

How long shall I use the software?

Like a good pair of shoes. It is best to always buy healthy shoes that fit perfectly so that our musculoskeletal system remains intact. We recommend the Smart eyesaver System also for continuous usage. The greatest effect is to be expected in the first year and a half after that the effect of the system decreases and it serves to maintain the achieved results. The health of our eyes is worth it.


Where and how safe are my data stored?

We store statistical data in the Cloud, on Amazon’s server. Your own data are stored on your customer computer. When you view a statistics, these data will be matched with those on your own computer and this way you get the result. This method is secure because nobody can use the data stored in the Cloud and you are the only one who have access to your computer by your own password.


You can hear many times that the data are shared with others. Is there such a thing here?

No. What we share with others as data are the statistics for the ophthalmology in Sándor Péterfy street. They analyse the statistics and make recommendations for improvements in the software.


Is there a scientific research on the subject?

Yes. You can find more information on the scientific staff. There is (in the world for the first time) a non-invasive (physical intervention not requiring) scientific research program where we study working groups in corporate environment, but the participants themselves asked for the investigation and the management of their data. This is a total of 45 people in Hungary who we personally measure.


We can hear a lot about the GDPR data protection regulation. Does it apply to you as well?

Yes. We consider it important not only because of compliance with regulation but also because of the security of our partners’ and customers’ data.
Even before the introduction of 25. May 2018, since February 2018, we worked with law firms and data protection experts to make our system compatible with the EU GDPR regulation.